* What are your requirements?
* Do you require test translations?
* What happens next?
* What are you payment terms?
* What type of feedback do you provide?


What are your requirements?
Legal English is looking for translators with a degree in law or a degree in another subject but very extensive experience in the translation of legal texts. We also require one reference (company name, address, and contact). If you are interested please send us your cv with rate card, stating "Translator Eng to It" or " Translator It to Eng" as appropriate in the subject field.

Do you require test translations?

There is much ill-feeling about test translations. However, a transla-tion company needs to manage risk and avoid the leap in the dark which assigning translations to untested translators implies, whilst, conversely, potential translators need to be able to showcase their abilities: for this reason we offer potential translators the choice be-tween a short test translation and sending a representative sample translation.

What happens next?

We are looking to expand our group (we don't like the connota-tions of the word "database") of reliable translators. Meeting poten-tial translators face to face is the best way to gain a good under-standing of that person’s strengths, style, preferences etc, thereby facilitating the task of matching translators and translation assign-ments. If, for logistical reasons, such an interview is not possible, we conduct two lengthy telephone interviews. Once a translator has been accepted, every effort is made to ensure a successful long-term relationship: the project manager provides complete pre-as-signment information on jobs as well as supporting material.

What are your payment terms?
Another frequent bone of contention (at least in Italy) con-cerns payment terms: three months is not uncommon; we expect prompt payment from our clients and therefore make a policy of paying translators after 60 days.

What type of feedback do you provide?

It is to our mutual benefitif translators can constantly in-crease the quality of their work and skill sets, for this reason, if any revisions are made by Legal English to the translation sent to our customer, this revised version is then sent to the translator if he/she so desires; similarly, any changes/sug-gestions made by the client are passed on to the translator. We are only too happy to be able to pass on productivity tips to further our translators' professional development. At year end, those of our translators who wish to, receive a written report.

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